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Beauty Health Fast Weight Loss Products For Women


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All Natural Belly Patch:

The slimming patch made of various precious natural ingredients naturally removes impurities and toxins from the stomach, enhances intestinal vitality, and accelerates fat absorption. Let you have beautiful skin from the inside out

Natural Weight Loss:

The perfect detox slimming patch on an all-natural belly patch infused with active herbal extracts through the navel to maximize weight loss and prevent fat absorption.


An herbal belly patch can condition the body and enhance the physique.

The navel sticker promotes blood circulation and optimizes the metabolic system.


Ginger Navel Patches are formulated with all-natural herbal ingredients to safely reduce belly fat, and Wormwood Essence Pills are safe to reduce belly fat and are a safer alternative to diet pills and surgery.

Ease of use:

The detox patch simply sticks to your belly button before bed and has good adhesion. It usually takes 6-8 hours to fully absorb before the pads can be removed.

Packaging specifications:

a box( 50pcs pills + 50pcs stickers+An instruction manual)

Additional information

Brand Name



Slimming Cream


Mainland China

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Weight Loss Creams, Weight Loss Creams

Loss Fat



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