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76-108MHz FM Stereo Radio DIY Electronic Kit Wireless FM Receiver


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This product needs to be soldered by yourself,Have fun!!!

FM Receiver:

76-108MHz FM Stereo Radio DIY Kit Wireless FM Receiver Module Frequency Modulation Electronics Soldering Practice Project DC 2.7V-3.3V


Note: Please don’t use 18650 battery, if not it will damage the item.


– The YFM-2 type radio circuit is very simple.
– The total number of components does not exceed 19.
– Although the number of components is not large, it includes two types of components: SMD and DIP which are suitable for novices and friends who want to practice soldering of SMD components.


1>.Built-in digital automatic gain control (AGC) circuit
2>.Support the global frequency band 76-108Mhz
3>.DIY manual welding
4>.Simple and easy to operate
5>.Support radio memory function


1>.Item name: FM Stereo Radio Module DIY Kit
2>.Item Mode:YFM-2
3>.Work Voltage:DC 3V
4>.Work Current:19mA
5>.Work Frequency:76-108Mhz
6>.Output impedance:32ohm
7>.Work Temperature:-40℃~85℃
8>.Work Humidity:0%~95%RH

Installation Tips:

1>.User needs to prepare the welding tool at first.
2>.Please be patient until the installation is complete.
3>.The package is DIY kit.It need finish install by user.
4>.The soldering iron can’t touch the components for a long time(1.0 second), otherwise it will damage the components.
5>.Pay attention to the positive and negative of the components.
6>.Strictly prohibit short circuit.
7>.Install complex components preferentially.
8>.Make sure all components are in right direction and right place.
9>.It is strongly recommended to read the installation manual before starting installation!!!

Installation Steps(Please be patient install!!!):

1>.Step 1: Install 1pcs SOP-16 RDA5807PF at U1.There is a dot on one corner of the IC and there is a rectangle pad on PCB where the Pin1 of IC can place on.These two marks are corresponding to each other and are used to specify the installation direction of the IC.
2>.Step 2: Install 1pcs 30K ohm Resistor at R1.
3>.Step 3: Install 1pcs 0.1uH Inductor at L1.
4>.Step 4: Install 2pcs 1uH Inductor at L2,L3.
5>.Step 5: Install 1pcs 32.768KHz Crystal Oscillator at Y1.
6>.Step 6: Install 1pcs 24pF Ceramic Capacitor at C1.
7>.Step 7: Install 1pcs 0.01pF(103) Ceramic Capacitor at C2.
8>.Step 8: Install 1pcs 0.022pF(223) Ceramic Capacitor at C3.
9>.Step 9: Install 5pcs 6*6*5mm Switch at S1-S5.
10>.Step 10: Install 1pcs 100uF 16V Electrolytic Capacitor at C4,C5. Please pay attention to the positive and negative poles. The shorter pin is the negative pole.
11>.Step 11: Install 1pcs 3.5mm Audio Jack at J1.
12>.Step 12: Connect battery box.Pay attention to positive and negative.
13>.Step 13: Use a cable tie to fasten the battery box.
14>.Step 14: Connect to power supply and enjoy the effect.

FM Transmitter:

1.Model: RF-02FM

2.Operating Current: 5-15mA

3.Operating Voltage: DC 3-6V

4.Transmission Distance: 5-50m

5.Transmission Frequency: 88-108MHz

6.Audio Input: -15dB (max)

7.PCB Size: 53*40mm

FM Transmitter Microphone


When you are finished soldering, carefully check the PCB for any defects such as solder leakage, soldering short circuit, etc. Finally put in two AAA batteries that you bought yourself. Press the red switch. At this point the transmitter is working normally. If you are using an ordinary 88–108MHz radio, please remove the L1 inductor on the transmitter by about 2MM from the middle.

Additional information

Brand Name



Mainland China




Logic ICs

Model Number

FM Radio DIY Kit

Supply Voltage

DC 2.7-3.3V

Operating Temperature

-35-85 Celsius



FM Frequency Range

76 -108MHz

Work Current


Earphone Resistance


Power Supply

DC 2.7-3.3V


Please don't use 18650 battery, if not it will damage the item.


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