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10pcs 15A 400W MOS FET Trigger Switch Drive Module


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Module Highlights:

1. The use of imported dual-MOS parallel active output, lower resistance, more current, strong power at room temperature, 15A, 400W, to meet the most use of the equipment

2. Wide voltage, the perfect support for PWM

3. Easily control high power devices

Specifications and applications:

1: Operating Voltage: DC 5V – 36V;

2: The trigger source: digital high-low (DC3.3V – 20V), can be connected microcontroller IO port, PLC interfaces,
DC power, you can access the PWM signal, the signal frequency 0–20KHZ perfect support.

3: output capacity: DC DC 5V – 36V, at room temperature, continuous current 15A, power 400W! Lower auxiliary
cooling conditions, the maximum current up to 30A.

4: Applications: You can control the output of power equipment, motors, light bulbs, LED lights, DC motors, micro-pumps, solenoid valves, etc. you can enter

PWM, motor speed control, lamp brightness.

5: Availability: unlimited switch, Operating temperature: -40-85

Additional information

Brand Name



Mainland China




Voltage Regulator

Model Number

PWM Regulator Electronic Switch Control Panel High Power Module


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